Be happy

You eat better, and you feel better

Physical and mental well-being

Taking care of your body is not just a physical issue, it also involves the mind. Feeling good about what you eat has a lot to do with what goes on behind what you eat. Sustainability and health are some of the benefits of opting for a diet with a vegetable origin.


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The happiness of simple things

The happiness of simple things

It sounds like a cliché, until you really think about it. The things that make us happy are simple, everyday things. Sometimes, they are not even things, they are moments, people or experiences. The same happens with food. There’s no need to add complicated formulas or artificial components to enjoy the essential ingredients. Simple almonds, limes, peaches and vanilla – simple fruits, simple plants.

Being in harmony with what you eat and what you think is directly related to your mood. So, live the way you think, dress the way you think, consume the way you think and, of course, eat the way you think.

You are well when you eat well

You are well when you eat well

Plant-based foods such as fruits stimulate the production of serotonin and endorphins, hormones that regulate your appetite, mood and sleep. It’s a long time since science first showed that what we eat directly affects our mood. In other words, we are in a better mood when we eat better.

For KAIKU BEGETAL, well-being no longer means only good nutrients and balanced ingredients; it is mental as well as physical. Enjoy more and enjoy things better, putting life into the years, not just adding years to your life.

So, be omnivore, veggie, vegetarian, flexitarian, vegan or “enjoyarian” – be happy. It tastes really good!